Cards for the Chinese New Year 2019

Good day! In Chinese culture, it is customary to celebrate this bright and cheerful holiday with a special scale. The Chinese believe that with the advent of the New Year, a new life cycle is entering its rights - nature is awakening and everything comes to life.By tradition, it is customary to celebrate New Year in China from January 21 to February 21. However, due to the rare use of the old calendar, most Chinese people celebrate this holiday also in early January.

According to the eastern calendar, each year corresponds to one of the twelve animals, as well as one of the five elements. It is believed that this custom originated from an ancient Chinese legend. This belief says that it was in the days of the arrival of the New Year that a terrible monster appeared and ate people. However, one smart old man cheated by telling the beast that people are insignificant in front of him, so it’s unworthy to kill them. After a while, the old man added that it was better to fight with beasts of equal strength. Since then, every year the monster has chosen one of the twelve animals as rivals.By the time the beasts died away and disappeared from the terrible monster, people had already learned how to protect their home from it. It was all about the scarlet lanterns, whose bright colors the terrible monster feared more than anything else in the world. Ever since then, the tradition in China has led with the arrival of the first New Year's Day to light red lanterns.

But not only hundreds of thousands of red lights distinguish Chinese New Year from other holidays. On the first day of this celebration, fireworks soar into the sky with a whistle. The Chinese believe that in this way they will scare away evil spirits and the next year will bring only happiness. Moreover, according to tradition, at the end of the holiday, friends and family members give each other “money of happiness” with wishes to live for many years.

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The Chinese are incredible entertainers. They will give the year to the beast, then they will paint it in color. However, if their ancient culture still supports these customs, then there is something in them. We will use the accumulated knowledge and start the new year according to the calendar of the Middle Kingdom in keeping with the age-old traditions. Happy Chinese New Year!

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