Calendar with weekends and holidays in November 2019

In many cities of our country, November is associated with the present winter, and not with the outgoing autumn. This month is for many not very pleasant - cold, damp and gloomy. Even in frosty regions, a full-fledged snow cover is not everywhere set, pleasing the eye, which could somehow brighten up the gloom of the last autumn month. A calendar with weekends and holidays for November 2019, as opposed to a nondescript mood, promises time for relaxation and walks.

The total number of days of work and rest in February 2019

November 2019The last month of autumn will surprise with its non-standard in terms of the ratio of common days, working and weekends. November is not long, it has 30 days. The month starts on Friday and ends on Saturday, having as many as 9 calendar days off. At the same time, you should not forget about the additional day of rest due to the holiday of federal significance. As a result, the sum of the days off became equal to 10.

Consequently, on working days there are only 20 dates.This is the unusual month. The number of both days off and working days and total calendar days is a multiple of 10. In addition, the sequence is quite entertaining with an increase of 1 dozen - 10 days off, 20 working dates, and there are 30 of them in a month.

Number of working hours and professional holidays

Big alarm clock on the tableA small number of labor dates in the month automatically reduced the workload. A typical full week with 5 working days will require only 160 hours of work. For a shortened version of the work week, 144 working hours are needed. When changing at 24 hours, an average value of 96 hours is obtained. The labor hours of the last schedule are not on average indicated - the coincidence of the beginning of a shift with the first day of the month can significantly increase the average work duration. For the same reason, the calendar with weekends and holidays in November 2019 does not indicate the number of working hours with a 12-hour work schedule.

With a rather loose workload, November has a little less than the usual “fullness” of various significant dates, professional holidays and international days. This month there are only 36 of them, taking into account the "Day of National Unity".Traditionally, among such dates there are many days devoted to professions or specific labor areas.

This month we have such a list:

  1. The holiday of the bailiff is November 1st.
  2. Intelligence Day - November 5th.
  3. International KVN Day - the 8th.
  4. World Science Day - November 10th.
  5. World Day of Accounting - 10 number.
  6. Police Day - November 10th.
  7. The day of the worker of the restoration passage - the 11th.
  8. The date of Sberbank employees is the 12th.
  9. Day security specialist - the 12th.
  10. The date of chemical protection is November 13th.
  11. Russian sociologist's day - 14th.
  12. Designer's date is November 16th.
  13. Holiday district - the 17th.
  14. Artillery Day - November 19th.
  15. Glaziers Day - 19 number.
  16. World Television Day - 21 number.
  17. Russian Tax Day - 21 numbers.
  18. Accountant Day - November 21
  19. The holiday of psychologists is the 22nd.
  20. World Day of the shoemaker - 26 number.
  21. Marine Day - the 27th.
  22. Appraisers Day - November 27th.

There is a rather ambiguous November holiday - “Day of the Walrus”. From the first time you don’t even understand who they are talking about - extremely hardening people or animals. However, no one can forbid him to mark just like that. Another unusual date is Black Friday, which, by a strange coincidence, is celebrated on Monday, the 25th day.

Also, do not forget about 2 significant dates - "The Day of the October Revolution" and "Mother's Day", celebrated on November 7 and 24. This month there is also a little children's holiday, although adults are happy for him. This is the “Birthday of Santa Claus”, which falls on November 18th. The holiday is completely “new”, the date of this event was recorded in the calendar about 20 years ago. Another nice date in November is World Kindness Day. He, like the previous holiday, appeared recently, about 20 years ago, but many have already remembered that the “good date” is celebrated on November 13th.

Festive dates, shortened days and transfers

National Unity DayAs mentioned above, in November there is 1 federal holiday with the provision of a day off. This is the “Day of National Unity”, marked by 4 numbers. The holiday calendar fell on Monday, so its transfer does not occur. The same applies to the dates of transfers from other months - nothing shifts to November, since this is simply not required. At the same time, despite the availability of a state holiday date, in November there is no shortened working day. This is due to the location of the holiday - the previous day is a calendar holiday.

The fact of falling out of a holiday next to the calendar weekend allows you to get 3 days of rest in a row. Everyone is free to use them at his discretion or to celebrate not only the “Day of Unity”, but also other significant November dates. Some will happily celebrate "World Day of Greetings", others "Day of the Recruit", and someone will not forget about the "World Shopping Day." By dates, this is November 21, 15 and 11, respectively. Therefore, it is these dates that will have to be celebrated by dates not near the only official holiday in November.

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