Milan Kitchen Exhibition

In the framework of the Milan Furniture Fair, one of the specialized sectors expected by the public was the sector dedicated to the design of kitchens Eurocucina, held every two years. Four pavilions and more than 25 thousand square meters were devoted to the world of kitchens and the new philosophy of organizing this important space for any home. The Italians with their inherent piety and thrill to the topic of food and to the process of its preparation pleased the public with new extraordinary solutions, both in the field of technological innovations for cooking, and in the design of the kitchen itself.
1. Technological retro.
A trend that is developing more and more actively every year. Traditional lines and forms, popular in the past, designers boldly combine with the most modern materials and technological innovations. Soft pastel and light colors complement the traditional image of a stylish kitchen and highlight its elegance.Pictures on request stylish kitchens
A brilliant example of this approach was the kitchen with the Brummel factory Diamond Cheers Hour island. The elegant design in it is skillfully combined with manufacturability - in four simple movements the working surface of the island opens and turns, making available all the necessary devices and creating additional working surfaces.The classic pot-bellied shape, rounded lines and a glossy ivory finish complete the controversial look of this model.
2. Transformation and integration.
The trend for mobile and multifunctional spaces is ruled by a ball in the interior of the whole house. And, of course, the kitchen here is not an exception, but a vast field for fantasy. Almost all brands from luxury to economy class kitchens showed their thoughts on this topic: wardrobes disguised as a wall with doors going up, folding like horizontal door louvers, bulky doors of vertical wardrobes are made either like a wardrobe or with a classic door opening “ leave "to the bottom between two cabinets, and the table either moves out of the island, or is designed as a folding shelf, or rotates almost 360 degrees, quickly changing the configuration of the entire kitchen.Pictures on request stylish kitchens

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