Bitter - mushroom edible or not?

Bitter - a fungus belonging to the genus Mlechniki(Lactarius), the family of russula (Russulaceae). It occurs in large groups, and singly. It has several Latin names (Lactarius rufus, Agaricus rufus, Lactifluus rubescens, Lactarius rubescens), and Russian, used by the people - even more (pity bitters, pond, gorchak, bitter ginger, hot dog).

Mushroom Bitter PhotoIts hat rarely exceeds a diameter of 18 cm. It is campanulate in young fungus, but eventually becomes flat. The old fungus is well recognized by the cone-shaped depression in the central part. The color of the cap is reddish-brown, it does not change with time. Smooth peel with a slight pubescence has a bitter mushroom. The photos presented in the article demonstrate the fineness of the edges of the cap.

The mushroom foot has a cylindrical shape, its lengthdoes not exceed 7 cm, the thickness at the base is about 2 cm. Sometimes it has a grayish fluff that slightly illuminates its reddish color. The young specimen has no cavities, unlike the old one. The flesh of the legs is light at the base, closer to the hat, it acquires a characteristic brownish color.

It differs in peppery taste and peculiar thinaroma bitter. The fungus has a dense flesh. In the case of fractures, a white, thick liquid is released, not oxidized in air. Plates in which spores are formed are located under the cap. They are narrow, descending along the stalk. Their color may be whitish or reddish. Spores oval in shape, mesh in structure.

bitter mushroomBitter - a mushroom that grows only inpine forests, coniferous forests or birch groves. Of the whole genus Mlechnikov found most often. Fruiting is annual, despite weather conditions. These fungi are preferred by boggy wet soils. Rarely are wormy. Inexperienced mushroom pickers are unlikely to be able to distinguish them from similar serushki, brownheads brown, rubella, gladys.

An interesting fact: the fruiting body of this fungus contains a substance that stops the development of Staphylococcus aureus, as well as a number of intestinal pathogenic bacteria.

In the west, the gorchak is not used for food. However, in our country it is considered that the bitter is an edible mushroom. But such a statement is conditional. Like many other representatives of this kingdom, the bitter goblet is able to accumulate radioactive elements, in particular cesium. This fact should be taken into account when choosing the place of collection. Before consumption, mushrooms must be soaked, removing the characteristic bitterness that gave them the name.edible mushroom

Bitter - a fungus that requires soaking at leastthree days with a daily two-time water change. Cook it on a small fire in salted water for 30 minutes, removing the resulting scum. After discarding in a colander. Banks sterilize, put pepper into the bottom, salt and dill. Spread the mushrooms in layers, adding chopped garlic and bay leaves and pouring salt. At the end, pour the vegetable oil, turn the lid and put on a salting in a cool place. You can consume the product after 50 days. Ratio of ingredients per 1 kg of mushrooms: 5 tbsp. l. salt, a few leaves of laurel, dill to taste, 5 cloves of garlic, 50 ml of vegetable oil.

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