Best comedies: Russia presents

Let's talk about one of the most favorite genres - comedy movies. Russia can boast a rich history in this area. A lot of excellent comedies were released last year.

"Treasures of O. K."

Heads our list of "Comedy comedy (Russia)"one of the most kind comedies - "Treasures of O. K.". The meaning of the film is to find the treasures that are on the bottom of the Lake Kaban. The attack on Kazan forced to hide in the depths of the waters untold riches. For 500 years no one could find this treasure. But then the main character of our film appears - a kind of Lovelace Cyril. Circumstances in his life are unpredictable: he will get a card and a letter in his hands, from which he learns about the treasures hidden under the theater.

Russia comedies

However, there have already been many searches. All of them were unsuccessful. At the same time, the second part of the letter is from Guyana, who wants to take the card and seize all the gold. But, getting to Kazan, the searchers faced a number of problems. Cyril fell in love with the local girl Gulnara, who will be against the search. And Guyana will constantly interfere with her plans. Later they will fall into the dungeon. Then the question arises: can everyone get out of the trap? What will happen next with the relations between Cyril and Guli? Such comedy films (Russia is happy!) Give the opportunity to watch the film in such a way as to literally take part in this adventure.

"What are men doing"

Another film - "What Men Do", the newcomedy film (2013). Russia can also boast that this tape was produced by its filmmakers. This comedy refers more to the genre "for adults", because the characters of the plot are real "males". In the film, the topic of sexual relations is widely developed. The characters of the tape are four friends, all are good in their relations with the weak sex in their own way. Against Denis, no one can resist. Gosh is very dodgy able to turn the situation in the right direction. School teacher Arkady is able to lure any mom into bed. It was not without a serious rower Yarik, who is now absolutely disappointed in love.

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And all these guys are involved in a sex game with a hugethe winning - in 500 thousand dollars. Everyone is entrusted to seduce just such a girl who is absolutely indifferent to this. Some of them will get to tame the feminist, the other will be forced to deceive the virgin. The third is generally a sectarian. And Yarik will get acquainted with the oligarch's wife, impregnable and indomitable. The plot is very mysterious and creative. In the final, everything will go completely beyond the planned plan ... You should see the film and understand what it is about. At the same time learn all the details!

"12 months"

Well, it's impossible not to mention the film "12 months"finalizing our list of "Comedy comedy (Russia)". Filmed with a twist! The beginning is rather banal: the provincial comes to conquer the capital and, as usual, is offended by the whole world around, first of all to his relatives. Until a certain moment of the desire of the girl to get rich groom, an elite apartment and a third-size breast are absolutely impossible, but in her life there is a magical event.

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By a lucky chance, she gets towizards who are obligated to fulfill her wishes. And then everything began to twist! In the life of the girl her secret desires come true, and she even meets real love.

True, all good things come to an end, yeseven with additional problems. In this case, all the gifted will have to pay to her beloved people. And besides, all the fulfilled desires were not meant for her at all, so you will have to pay all bills. Masha herself will now work miracles. The plot is quite mysterious.

Perhaps, it is worth watching these films-comedy movies. Russia has done a good job, and you will not regret the time spent.

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