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Lunar beauty calendar 2017 year

We tried to cover all "women's topics"


Plots on beauty

These conspiracies will help to gain self-confidence ...


Astrology and Cosmetics

Beauty is a gift from God, it’s not necessary only to prevent it ...


How to determine the nature of the nose

How to determine the nature of the nose



Beauty and style

Calendar for haircuts

It only seems that compiling a calendar for cutting hair on the moon is easier than ever. In fact, an astrologer has to take into account a huge number of rules that are not always mutually exclusive in life. First of all, it was necessary to mark the most favorable days for hair cutting - these are the days of the passage of the Moon along the signs of Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn. Also, you should exclude "satanic" lunar days. Guided by these and some other rules, a haircut calendar was drawn up.

Calendar of beauty and diet

If you decide to go about your figure and appearance as a whole, you need to seek help from the moon and the stars. With the help of the Moon, you can choose the ideal days for losing weight, to visit a beauty salon. He incorporates not only favorable days for haircuts, dyeing and perm hair, but also the best days for skin care, manicure and piercing. And for fitness.

Astrology beauty

Many people know that you need to take into account the cycles of the moon to improve your own beauty, care for your body and even lose weight properly. And if you use the knowledge of astrology in full, you can foresee fashion trends, and make a stylish hairstyle before everyone, and perform many different actions with maximum efficiency. We suggest you use the tips of astrology in order to increase beauty and health.

Beauty recipes

In this section, we will introduce you to recipes of beauty and women's secrets that will benefit your beauty and health. Many recipes are built on yoga classes. Start practicing and you will never regret it! Yoga can help you become younger and more beautiful, you will feel the energy and a new taste for life inside you. Your body will become flexible and fit, weight will normalize, illnesses will go away .. You can talk about yoga for hours, tell for years, and learn all your life!

Plots on beauty

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did not have such a large selection of cosmetics for the skin of the face and hands, as they do now, but they had many secrets of beauty, including conspiracies. Some have come down to our days. How seriously to treat this - you decide. It is believed that conspiracy on beauty not only increases the sexual attractiveness of a girl or woman, but also improves her aura, gives it originality, charm and charm.

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