Bead necklace

Posted by21.03.2017

Well, what girl in childhood did not make beads with her own hands? Taking beautiful beads, beads, or even buttons, little women of fashion strung them together and then stood in front of the mirror for hours. With age, such decorations already seem ridiculous, it is unlikely a modern girl will wear something like that. But this does not mean that you need to abandon the idea of ​​making original accessories on your own. Then fantasy will come to the rescue! Do not think that making an elegant piece is too difficult. Just try, for example, to repeat our today's master class.

To make a necklace of beads with our own hands, we need a thin wire, wire cutters and a base from an old chain that we want to transform. It is very convenient to make such decorations, because it allows you to play with colors and create accessories for a particular outfit. Choose beads of any size and color, start creating!

A detailed and at the same time rather simple scheme of weaving the necklace will tell you exactly how to tighten the knots and fasten our craft.

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