Anwar (name): meaning and origin

Every word has energy that carriesa certain character and affects the feelings and behavior of a person. Of great importance is the name that parents named their child. It becomes a personal part of a person and affects his character and destiny. That is why it is necessary to have information about the history of its appearance, the significance and fate of people bearing a particular name.

Anwar (name): value

anwar name valueConsider the original, but very in demandoption. Among the Muslim peoples it is very popular to name boys Anwar. The name, whose meaning in translation from Persian - "radiant", "very light", "sighing", has a striking effect. So called the boys, wishing them well-being, wealth and protection of the sun or god.


Anwar is a name whose meaning can be recognized by the letters that make up its composition:

  • A - a symbolic sign of the foundation, as well as a thirst for activity and comfort.
  • H - a sign of objection, criticism and legibility. Owners of this letter in their name have a high intellect and ability to work.
  • B - means a creative, sociable nature with a desire for admiration of nature.
  • P - soulful, self-confident and brave.

Anwar is a name whose significance is the owner's soul indigital format corresponds to number 2. The bearer of such a number of souls is very vulnerable and vulnerable, he believes in signs and fate, constantly feels anxious, tries to escape from the problem, rather than solve it, does not like conflicts and disputes. But these people also have positive character traits, are fully revealed in the team or in the family. Among the "deuces" there are a lot of good fathers, because they have patience and team spirit.

Nature of the owner

Common character traits of boys with that nameemotionality, imbalance and lack of will. Depending on the time of the year in which the person was born, the value of the name Anwar, as well as his character, will have seasonal differences.

Winter Anwardoes not have restraint, perseverance andpunctuality, to start late from childhood (to school for example). Negative character traits are quick temper and impetuous. Positive - immodesty and resourcefulness.

Spring carrier of this namehas increased vulnerability andalcohol. It has an unbalanced nervous system and lack of character. Of the positive traits of character, one can note kindness and the ability to support by word and deed.

Summer- lover of a noisy male society, has a propensity for alcoholism, weak-character.

Autumn Anwar- holder of temperament type "choleric", quitecan easily become a representative of creative authors. Discipline and organization of such a man is not in the last place. The holder of such a name is hot-tempered and conflicted, but at the same time complaisant and very impressionable, lends itself to someone else's influence and opinion.


Selective in the choice of partners, has to themhigh sexual demands. May drastically cool down or fall out of love with a girl if she has allowed herself something in his notion that is unacceptable. Very active and passionate, but does not put sex in the first place in the process of communicating with girls.


In childhood, a boy with this name often suffers from infectious inflammation of the larynx, its mucous and vocal cords, which is caused by a weak immune system that needs to be hardened.

Weak places of adult Anwar are the spine and propensity to addictions (alcoholism), but in general his health is in good condition.

Over the years, he begins to disparage his health, which can lead to chronic diseases.


the meaning of the name Anwar

There are still disputes about the place of origin of the nameAnwar. The origin of the name is not exactly established, but it can be argued that it is ancient Arab and noble. In the past, people believed in the magical power of words and called their children names that, in their opinion, could protect and bring health, wealth and happiness to their possessor. Probably the same meaning for the little man had the word Anwar. The name of what nationality it is, can not be reliably confirmed, but it is known from history that most of the names of Muslims, as well as the religion of Islam, were borrowed from Persia.

Famous owners named Anvar

In the twelfth century in Persia lived a famous poet,who chose Anwar as his pseudonym. This name has not lost its popularity among all the peoples who profess Islam, and in our days. The bearers of this name are known throughout the world, among them:

- Hero of the Soviet Union, who was born in Bashkortostan and was a participant of the Great Patriotic War - Anvar Abdullinovich Abdullin.

- The head of Egypt, Anwar Sadat.anwar origin of the name

- Anwar al-Awlaki, preacher of the radical direction of the Islamic religion.anwar name of which nationality

- Kumyk poet Anvar Hamidovych Hamidov.

Many athletes, politicians, artists and religious figures bear this name.

Also, the name Anwar is part of many complexMuslim names. For example, "Anwarullah" means "the light of Allah", "Anwarbek" means "the radiant ruler", "Anvarjan" is a "shining person." Also in our country, many representatives of the stronger sex are named Anvar. nor was it, the main thing is that it sounds melodic and carries in itself the great history of the people.

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