Annihilation - 2018 film

  • PremiereMarch 8, 2018 - in Russia; February 23, 2018 - in the world
  • Countries of production: United States, United Kingdom
  • Genre: fantasy, fantasy, thriller, thriller, adventure, horror
  • Producer: Alex Garland
  • Cast: Jennifer Jason Lee, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Oscar Isaac, Gina Rodriguez, Sonoya Mizuno, Tuva Novotny, Cosmo Jarvis, David Gyosi, Angela Holmes, etc.

In 2018, the film “Annihilation” will be released. This will be the screen version of the popular novel by American writer Jeff VanderMeer. This project could initiate production for a whole trilogy of science fiction films. Interesting?

Film annihilation

Annihilation is a physical process, as a result of which, when particles and antiparticles collide, completely different particles arise, whose composition differs markedly from the original. If literally to translate its name from Latin into Russian, it means destruction.

The original name of the future film project - Annihilation.In English, this word also means the destruction of something.

In turn, the title for the film is borrowed from the book source. “Annihilation” is a novel by American writer Jeff VanderMeer, created by him in the science fiction genre with elements of fantasy and horror in it.

Jeff wandermeer

The book was published in 2014. The original novel went on sale in February, whereas in May and September of the same year two of his sequels were published at once: Authority and Acceptance, respectively.

These three novels together form a book trilogy, originally named this way: Southern Reach Trilogy.

The “Southern Limit” trilogy tells that there is a certain secret agency in the world, bearing the same name, which is engaged in expeditions in Zone X (Area X). This area is a long time uninhabited part of the Earth. It is located in the United States of America, and nature is gradually beginning to regenerate, so to speak.

The Southern Limit Trilogy

As befits the genres of science fiction and horror, here there was a place for scientists and no one Something, respectively.

In the center of the story "Annihilation" - four women.Among them are an anthropologist, a geologist, a biologist and a psychologist. Together they set off on another expedition to Zone X. It is noteworthy that the story is on behalf of a biologist.

During the expedition, each of the women here finds her own explanation for what is happening. And by the way, one of them is the wife of a man who was here before, but after returning he became a completely unrecognizable person, and after that he completely died.

Inexplicable things happening here, force a person to immediately explore the area. The nature of the mystical influence of Zone X can affect the psyche of everyone who is here in different ways. And so they decided to make a movie.

A tape called Annihilation is being developed at Paramount Studios. The management of the company, well-known to almost every movie fan, has long seen a rather significant potential inherent in the story invented by Jeff VanderMeer, and therefore decided to involve not the last people in Hollywood into the development of its film version. And about this we are just the same and talk further.

Director and screenwriter of the project

Alex Garland did not refuse to direct “Annihilation”.

Alex garland

Alex Garland is a British writer, and more recently, a film director. Once he became known to a wider audience thanks to the film adaptation of his novel “The Beach”, in which Danny Boyle was engaged and where Leonardo DiCaprio took the lead role.

Subsequently, he also had a hand in creating two fantastic paintings by the Slumdog Millionaire:

  • "28 days later"
  • and "Hell".

He also has a remake of Judge Dredd, the one that was filmed in 3D.

The directorial debut of Alex Garland is the science fiction “Out of the Car,” which many people liked at one time.

According to rumors, now it is he who is attracted to the creation of the upcoming film version of the Halo video game.

Adapting the text of the book "Annihilation" for the big screen, Alex Garland began on his own, guided by the numerous experience of the writer and filmmaker, obtained by him earlier.

Memories of the future

Shoot the extraordinary views of nature in Zone X trusted Robert Hardy.

Rob Hardy had previously taken camera shots, working on tapes like John Crowley's Boy A with Andrew Garfield, Justin Chadwick's Pioneer with Naomi Harris, and Memories of the Future by James Kent with Alicia Wikander and Keith Harington.

Out of the car

In 2018, the cinema will also be able to evaluate his work on the next part of the espionage franchise “Mission: Impossible”. He was entrusted with the shooting of the sixth chapter, where again the tandem of Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie, which proved to be exclusively from the good side, is present.

The composers of the project were appointed Joff Barrow ("Black Mirror", "Exit through the souvenir shop", "Shootout", "Out of the car") and Ben Salisbury ("BBC: The Greatest Natural Phenomena").

The duties of a scary movie editor with horror elements were placed on Barney Pilling’s shoulders (Life on Mars, Hotel Grand Budapest, One Day, Fostering the Senses).

Among the producers of the tape are Scott Rudin (“The Truman Show”, “News Service”, “Oil”, “Social Network”), and David Ellison (“Iron Grip”, “Lafayette Squadron”, “Jack Reacher”) .

The cast of film science fiction

Jennifer jason lee

As for the painting casting, quite famous artists chose the main roles in it.

So, among the list of approved actors are the following names:

  • Jennifer Jason Lee ("The Ugly Eight", "Jacket", "The Machinist", "Careless Times at` Ridgemont High '"),
  • Natalie Portman ("Leon", "Black Swan", "Jackie"),
  • Tessa Thompson (Creed: The Legacy of Rocky, World of the Wild West),
  • Oscar Isaac (Drive, Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
  • Gina Rodriguez (“Deepwater Horizon”, “Virgin”, “Happy End”),
  • Sonoya Mizuno (Ex Machina, La La Land, Beauty and the Beast),
  • Tuva Novotny ("Lillehammer", "In the dope", "War"),
  • Cosmo Jarvis (“Lady Macbeth”, “People”, “Ghosts: The Best Fate”),
  • David Gyasi (Isolation, Doctor Who, Interstellar),
  • Angela Holmes ("Street Dance 3: All Stars") and others.

Earlier, the role of Jennifer Jason Lee was attracted to Francis McDormand (“Almost Famous”, “Fargo”, “What Does Olivia Know?”).

Jennifer Jason Lee will play the role of the psychologist in “Annihilation”, while the images of the biologist, anthropologist and geologist were assigned to Natalie Portman, Jeanne Rodriguez and Tessa Thompson, respectively.

The role of the husband of one of the women - a biologist - is played by Oscar Isaac.

Remember that the story here is exactly what is on behalf of a biologist performed by Natalie Portman. True, according to rumors, for the cinema version of “Annihilation”, not three, but four women can get into the company to her. Let's see if the insiders are justified in the end.

Natalie Portman

The plot of the movie about the destruction of the former

According to the plot of the film, there are several women who are sent on an expedition to the area of ​​X-Zone, where they need to gather all the necessary information about the events taking place here. Along the way, they will face the unknown and face something with Something. Basically, that's all you need to know about the project in order to sweeten your interest before watching a movie.

Remember that inhuman secrets lurk here. It was precisely for the solution of the most intimate that several brave female scientists rushed to search in Zone X.

Movie release date

The release date of the film "Annihilation" in the Russian rental - March 8, 2018. As they say, the best gift to his girlfriend on International Women's Day, rather than watching a movie, where women play a leading role, it is difficult to think of a man. Therefore, the male half of humanity, as they say, note!

It is noteworthy that the world premiere of this movie will take place on February 23, 2018.

Be patient, because very soon you will witness a secret, very long and carefully hidden from the eyes of others.

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