Andrei Konstantinov, knight of our time

Fans of detectives are probably familiar with books"Advocate" and "Journalist", for which the film "Bandit Petersburg" was filmed. The author of these remarkable works - Konstantinov Andrey Dmitrievich (the real name Bakonin) - is familiar to every Russian.

Writer Andrei Konstantinov: biography

September 30, 1963 in the Astrakhan region of the villagePrivolzhsky was born Andrey Dmitrievich Bakonin. The parents of the future writer, Natalia Pavlovna and Dmitry Viktorovich, were at that time students of the Technological Institute and practiced in the Volga region. After her graduation, they returned with their son to Leningrad.Andrey Konstantinov

As a child, Andrei Konstantinov dreamed ofarcheology, new discoveries. But in the end after finishing school in 1980 he entered the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Leningrad State University. He graduated from the University with a specialization in the history and culture of the Arab countries. While still a student, he began to work in Yemen as an interpreter from Arabic, then to Benghazi, to Tripoli as a senior translator. On his return to Russia in 1991, he worked as a correspondent in the newspaper "Smena", a leading criminal chronicler.

Creative activity

His career as a writer Andrei Konstantinov beganthanks to a friend - a Swedish journalist Malcolm Dixelius. A well-known journalist and director in Europe came to Russia to shoot a film about organized criminal groups, Andrei Dmitrievich helped him in the filming. And later their joint work was published - The Criminal World of Russia. Despite the fact that Andrei Konstantinov's popularity was brought to the books, he claims that his favorite child is journalism.

The next step in the careerhis acquaintance with the well-known at that time film director Valery Ogorodnikov. He invited the beginning journalist to create a script for a film about bandit groups. At first, Andrei Konstantinov wanted to refuse, referred to the fact that he did not have enough experience, but eventually agreed. Thus appeared his book "Advocate", which is the basis of the film "Banditsky Petersburg".Andrey Konstantinov the writer

Everyone can have kings

In 1995, Andrei Konstantinov suggestedEstablish a journalistic contest of international scale "Golden Pen". In 1998, he created an agency of independent investigative journalism, on their account already dozens of disclosed contract murders and other serious crimes. A talented person, a bright creative personality - Andrey Konstantinov. The writer, whose photos do not leave the covers of the most authoritative publications for many years, is known throughout the world. In addition to journalism and literature, Andrei Dmitrievich teaches at the St. Petersburg State University at the Faculty of Journalism.

Andrei Konstantinov: writer or detective

The creative legacy of the writer is very extensive: this is a series of wonderful books. The very first, "Bandit Petersburg", on which the television film of the same name was shot, includes twelve books. They describe the adventures of journalist Andrei Obnorsky, who began to investigate the murder of his friend. As a result, he was dragged into an incredible cycle of events, where both bandits and special services were involved. Who is more to be afraid of, time will tell.Andrey Konstantinov writer photo

The next series of books - "Outdoor Observation"consists of three volumes: "Crew", "Rebus", "Trap". It tells about two friends, Pavle Kozyrev and Igor Lyamin, who all tried to get to the Main Department of Internal Affairs. As a result, they got it, both comrades took in the operative-search division. In the first days of work, their combat comrade dies, but evil must be punished.

The next trilogy is "My own - a stranger": in her Valery Shtukin, a criminal investigation officer, is being introduced into the gang of the former thief in the law of Yungerov. The plot is interesting because the criminal sends his adopted son to the militia. The fate of these two people entwined in a ball, will it be possible to untangle it?Writer Andrei Konstantinov biography

And in the end I will tell

This is followed by the "Private Investigation Service"consisting of four books. Then the "Tula - Tokarev" and then the "Golden Bullet" Agency "- a series of eleven books. Then the second part of the "Golden Bullet" of nineteen volumes, the third part - from eleven.

Together with Maria Semenova released the book "The Swordthe dead ", with Alexander Bushkov -" Second uprising of Spartacus. " Then there were "Tales of Serving People", "Rota", "Treason".

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