Air Show MAKS-2017

Before the grand eventair show MAKS-2017another whole year, and around him a lot of rumors and conjectures are already beginning to develop. The main one is the possibility of transferring the action from the Zhukovsky airfield to Kubinka. Despite the fact that the organizers personally denied these rumors, regular visitors of the event still cannot understand where they should go next year to watch the fascinating air flights and see the wonders of military equipment of past years.

As stated by the head of Aviasalon, Alexander Levin, the information that appeared on the network is irrelevant and all future guests can come to their usual gathering place. As evidence, Levin presented a contract between the government Ministry of Industry and Trade and Aviasalon itself.

This contract also indicates the place where the event will be held. In Zhukovsky, under the show, they are going to allocate the territory of JSC “TVK Russia”, in particular the Ramenskoye airfield.

Where did the disputes come from?

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Today it is difficult to understand the cause of such disputes and rumors. A few days before the official statement of the leadership, the RNS agency “slipped” information that the MAKS-2017 air show would be held in another place, namely, Kubinka. However, the RNS did not provide a link to the source and did not give any more comments.

In addition, the well-known TASS publishing house reported that during the period when the event was planned, the standards of civil aviation flights would be tested at the Zhukovsky airdrome, and they would also hold an event for testing extreme-level aviation. Just this statement was the confirmation that MAKS-2017 will not be conducted on the territory of Zhukovsky.

Released MAKS - 2017

According to preliminary data, the aviation event will take place from August 15 to August 20, 2017. The official opening falls on August 16, and from 18 to 20 the number of demonstration flights and the direct exhibition of air equipment will be carried out. Note that these dates are still somewhat elusive and can be adjusted.

After all the basic preparations have been completed, the official representative will announce the exact number and time of the start of the air show. For all the details, fans of such a show can learn from the Internet and the media.

The history of the air show

date of air show maxInternational Aviation and Space Salon (abbreviated MAKS), conducted since 1993, every two years. This event has always been held at the Zhukovsky airfield, located near Moscow. The last time the flights took place in 2015, from 25 to 30 August.

All visitors to this exhibition can admire the latest unique developments in the field of aviation, observe the technique of the war years and even feel the materials from which it was made. At this event, various simulators and simulators are exhibited to make you feel like a pilot of an airplane.

MAKS is positioning itself as an international forum whose task is to discover new opportunities and acquaintances for further fruitful cooperation with foreign partners.

By tradition, at the opening of the event, the head of the Russian Federation is present, as well as the other top officials of the state. As part of the air show, leading aircraft manufacturing companies present their latest innovations, important issues are being addressed to ensure the defense of the country and protect its borders.

Why did Kubinka become an alternative venue?

video max 2017Many fans of domestic aviation are certainly familiar with Kubinka. This huge airfield is used most often for military purposes and is located in the Moscow region, near the Odintsovo district.

Aviation groups such as “Russian Knights” and “Swifts” are constantly gathering in these regions - groups have become extremely popular in the post-Soviet space. Recently, a patriotic military park called “Patriot” was opened on the territory of Kubinka. It is this park that is the ideal venue for events like MAKS, as well as other aviation exhibitions and shows.

How to get there?

Anyone can come to the event MAKS-2017. Getting to the main venue is not difficult. It is located at the address Zhukovsky, Moscow region, on the territory of the exhibition complex “Russia” of the aerodrome of the LII them. M.M. Gromov.

The organizers foresee a large flow of people, so the tickets should be taken care of in advance. It is also desirable to use public transport. From the platform “Rest” of the Kazan direction there will be a free bus for all visitors of the forum.

Ticket price

air show max photoTicket price has not yet been determined.All information about the exact time and price of the pass ticket will be available on the official website of the event, a few months before its opening. In 2015, a ticket to MAKS cost around 1000 rubles for a simple visitor.

Recall that in the demonstration part of the MAKS-2015, 34 aircraft and helicopters participated, as well as 7 aerobatic teams of 46 aircraft. A total of 133 aircraft were deployed on the territory of the ground, of which 20 aircraft belonged to the aerospace forces of Russia.

In 2015, the number of visitors to the exhibition reached a record high of 405 thousand people. This is 65 thousand more than was recorded in 2013.

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