Moccasins on the platform - a combination of elegance and convenience

Representatives of the fair sex have longThey chose moccasins as comfortable, stylish, and most importantly practical shoes. In them you can let your feet rest from classic boats, while remaining as elegant and feminine. They are combined with almost any way, and the variety of models allows even the most demanding fashionista to find her ideal and unique pair.


moccasins on the platform

In this article, we describe the main trend of the currentseason - moccasins on the platform. What are these trendy wardrobe items called? Than such boots of brokers with the famous Wall Street could win the hearts of lovers of stylish clothes and conquer a modern metropolis? How are they better worn and with what combination? And also try to understand all the variety of styles and models of this shoe.

So, the moccasins on the platform will be correctcall lofers, which literally means "shoes for slackers." Although now there are so many modifications and varieties of these shoes, that such a name can hardly be considered the only true one.

Its popularity is due to the fashion house Gucci, which in the middle of the last century made them their business card, and after him and other world brands took them as the basis of their collections.

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Types and combinations

Women's moccasins on a platform from ordinary moccasins,having a flat sole, is distinguished by the presence of a thick sole, a wedge or even a heel. The wedge gives the loffers a more elegant look. Such shoes will perfectly match both with business suits, and with cocktail dresses. But the massive sole can be an excellent addition to the image in a sporty style or kazhual. Moccasins on the platform, made in a rough, heavy style, can emphasize the elegance, fragility and femininity of a thin ankle and will perfectly match with shorts and short trousers.

Original models

women's moccasins on the platform

Moccasins on a platform made in classicstyle, differ from simple moccasins solely with the thickness of their sole. However, the modern market is full of more original models, such as:

  • Moccasins on a platform with lacing are the most popular model of this season. It is combined with mini-skirts, jeans, multi-layered clothes.
  • Moccasins are slippers. These shoes are of a very aristocratic origin. In Britain, these were slippers made of velvet and decorated with heraldry of a noble family of their possessor. Today, these "slippers" also stood on the platform and sank into the soul of many women of fashion.
  • Loffers on heels. They enjoy unchanged popularity and conquer with their style and elegance. In this case, such moccasins on the platform, the photos of which are shown below, can have a heel of the most intricate shape, which also gives them a special chic and uniqueness.
  • Moccasins on the tractor sole. And it's only at first glance they seem rude and uncomfortable. They are able to add zest to your image and will look great both at the solemn event and on a walk with friends. Important! Such moccasins on the platform are best suited to fragile girls, but owners of more appetizing forms should be careful with them, so as not to make their image worse.
  • Loopers on a wedge. They are especially suitable for short girls and are able to give their image the maximum femininity and smartness. Combine with almost any clothing and are an indispensable thing in the women's wardrobe.


moccasins on the platform are called

Lopers of all colors and shades, in varietyits finishes and materials of execution, knitted and woven, lacquered and suede, generously decorated with thorns and beads, from the skin of a python and a leopard, as if emerging from the wardrobe of Hugh Hefner, are also very popular amongst star fashioners.

Now you know what moccasins areon the platform, a photo of some variants of footwear is presented in the article. The phenomenon of such huge popularity is quite understandable - this is a rare combination of convenience and elegance. Lofers are the choice of stylish and modern women.

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