2019 for the wedding: favorable days and beautiful dates

2019 year rules. Only this is enough to scare the brides: will the fate put a “pig” after the wedding? All fears are in vain - 2019 is favorable for weddings. And some should hurry, because the year 2020 will be a leap year, and this is not good at all to start a family life. To enlist the support of stars in building a family, you should consider a lot of nuances.

The best month for marriage

There is a popular belief that some months are categorically not suitable for weddings. And this concerns not only May (May is associated with “toil”, to experience, to suffer). If there is no emergency situation (for example, a couple is waiting for an addition), then in January, May and October the marriage should be abandoned. The happiest months for the newlyweds are February, June and July, August, September and December. The girl who decided to marry in March is likely to go to another country or at least very far from her parent.April weddings often develop into a life full of conflicts. The couple, joined in November, expect a rich life. However, love will have to build without relying on the support of the stars. That is because bad luck: even the stars do not consider the possibility of marrying a husband both for love and by calculation at the same time.

Wedding Dress

Choosing a day for a wedding

It’s impossible to take into account all the nuances that horoscopes offer when choosing a wedding day. Moreover, the influence of the stars are trying to calculate just the girls, men are usually not so important. Beautiful ladies sometimes do not understand that a "deep" departure from reality to the stars can lead to a state of "old maid." In order to put down our vigilance and not contradict horoscopes, here are some basic rules for choosing the ideal wedding date:

  • Favorable days of the week for weddings in 2019 - Friday, Sunday, say Monday. Saturday, Thursday and Tuesday are not suitable for marriage.
  • Weddings on the growing moon should be performed by couples in which sincere love reigns. The first quarter of the moon is suitable for lovers who are completely confident in each other. A full moon wedding - a family hearth will be a full cup filled with happiness and well-being.
  • It is not recommended to hold wedding ceremonies at Christmas, on Easter week and during Great Lent. Life observation - do not assign weddings for big holidays, both generally accepted (March 8, etc.), and family (for example, mother's birthday). You do not want to share the attention and gifts with others.
  • Add all the digits in the date of the selected day. Numerology encourages weddings on a date whose total figure (add up the day, month and year) will be odd - 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.
  • Feng Shui fans are invited to choose the best day in each month - 1-3, 12 and 21 numbers.

Wedding in the period of retrograde planets

Retrograde (reverse) the course of celestial bodies is not the best impact on the wedding. In 2019, the retrograde planets will be:

  • Mercury- March 5-28, July 8 - August 1, October 31 - November 20. During these periods, the stars do not recommend starting any new projects, including living together.
  • Jupiter- April 10 - August 11. At this time you should complete, and not start anything. You do not want an attempt to create a family hearth to fail.
  • Saturn- April 30 - September 18. Marriage during this period does not promise family difficulties, however, delays with documentation in the registry office are possible.
  • Uranus- August 12 - January 11 of the following year. Retrograde uranium can provoke too violent quarrels.A marriage concluded during this period is more similar to military actions with finding out who owes what and to whom. So with these questions it is better to decide in advance and keep your emotions under control. With this approach, no militant planet can destroy your marriage.
  • Neptune- July 21 - November 27. All you need is aggravated intuition in the period of Neptune’s retrograde. Listen to your inner voice. If he doesn’t bekat ’- I don’t like that my fiancé is staring at other women and the like - boldly walk into the registry office. And remember - men can not be fixed. You will have to live with the one you decided to marry.
  • Pluto- April 24 - October 3. The period of change is quite suitable for marriage - lovers are moving to a completely new level of relationships.


Beautiful dates for a wedding in 2019

And, of course, touch on the aesthetic side of the wedding date. The coincidence of the day and the month - 1.01, 2.02 ... 12.12 - looks very beautiful. Yes, and women will be a more weighty reason to reproach his blessed, if he suddenly forgets such a remarkable wedding date. Advice - do not overdo it in this matter. It is better to remind the husband of the wedding anniversary in advance, and not with hints, but with plain text.

But for those aesthetic ladies we offer the most beautiful date for a wedding - 09/19/2019This day has only one drawback - the application should be submitted as early as possible and prepare for the ceremony to be held in a fuss. Just remember what happened in the registry offices of 08.08.2008. If you are not confused by the huge queue and confusion, then go ahead to new heights of family happiness.

The forecast for weddings in 2019 is generally favorable. Yes, and true love will not interfere with any stars. Do not delve into the horoscopes and spend money on individual astrological forecasts. The best tactic is to try to distance yourself from the rush of passion and with a cool head to evaluate your chosen one / darling. If you are sure that you will get along with all his / her shortcomings, just accept your future husband / wife, and do not hope to change, then everything will be fine in your family. A wedding is too serious a step in life, so don’t shift responsibility for your own happiness to faraway stars. We wish you strong love and a long happy life!

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