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13 ways to achieve humility

1. Try to talk as little as possible. Do your own thing. Do not interfere in the affairs of others.
2. With thanks and joy to accept comments and criticism. Not to notice the mistakes of others.

3. To accept resentment and injustice without complaint.
4. Take it easy that you are neglected, you are forgotten, you are not loved.
5. Do not seek to please, cause the admiration of other people. Always be kind and gentle, even if someone tries to make you mad. Do not strive for titles and titles. Always give in to the dispute, even if you are right.
6. Always choose the worst place, the hardest work, the most difficult path.
7. A proud man relies only on himself, the humble one is ruled by God.
Pride is the source of all vices, humility is the mother of all virtues.
8. Proud always offended. The humble never gets angry because nothing offends him.
9. A proud looking for a special love for himself, the humble loves himself, expecting nothing in return.
10.Proud wants to be unique. The humble finds pleasure in doing the most simple and ordinary things.
11. Only in humility is truth. All the good that is in us (talents, abilities, beauty, etc.) we received from God. How can one be proud of what was done not by us, but by Him?
12. If you are humble, nothing will turn your head and no one will hurt you, because you know what you really are. If you are accused of all sins, you will not fall into despair. If you are called holy, you will not put yourself on a pedestal. Don't worry about what people think of you.
13. He who seeks and loves only himself is always full of anxiety and sorrow; who, forgetting himself, is looking only for God in everything, saves his soul in the world.


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